5 Hidden Gem Hikes in British Columbia for the Adventurous Soul

Exciting activities are never hard to find in British Columbia. It is one of the few incredible places in the world where you can go hiking on a challenging trail in the morning and meet your friends down at the beach for a summer tan in the afternoon! Despite being Canada’s rainiest province, it is a haven for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and tourists from the world over. We know that BC’s popularity over the summer can get a bit overwhelming when you are looking to spend some quality time with your family and friends or just want to de-stress and rejuvenate after a demanding week of work. So, we decided to carefully select five awesome and lesser-known hikes in BC. These are all perfect places to reward yourself with breathtaking views while enjoying delicious food. Well, let’s get into it!

1) Kanaka Creek

The Cliff Falls at Kanaka Creek is an easy hiking trail that is accessible year-round. It is an exquisite location for families and couples alike that are looking to bond rather than challenge themselves with difficult hikes. You can enjoy views of the scenic waterfall from the picnic area or you can get in your bathing suit and take a dip in the creek pools. If you are in the mood to extend your adventure, there is a possibility of trekking from the park to the Bell-Irving Hatchery for a free tour!

2) Jug Island Beach

This beach is located near Belcarra, BC. Just like Kanaka Creek, it is accessible year-round and is ideal for casual hikers and families. However, it is known to be slightly more challenging than the previous trail. Get prepared to be engulfed by greenery on the trail that eventually leads to the spectacular beach. Spend the rest of your day enjoying the views of the island from the beach and bird watching. Be on the lookout for seals that are regular visitors to this channel and take an undisturbed swim in the clear still waters.


 3) Burns Bog Nature Reserve 

This reserve is home to the largest 5,000-year-old peat bog in the world. It offers ecologists and other nature enthusiasts a very unique experience. It is located in Delta and is one of the very few areas that are untouched by construction and development. It is also fondly referred to as the “lungs of the Lower Mainland” since it maintains air quality in this region. This is an easy trail that allows you to experience a distinct ecosystem while being amused by some other fascinating sights. This includes a mostly sunken tractor in the swamp and rare plant species like the skunk cabbage. Parents can also enrol their children in Burns Bog summer camps and the local festivals for a fun educational experience. However, don’t bring your furry friends on this trail, as it can be slippery and difficult for them to complete.





4) Watersprite Lake

This lake is in Squamish and the hike to get there is moderately difficult. Make sure to have a 4x4 vehicle, as the forest road can be quite rough. Hikers accustomed to visiting Garibaldi Lake must hike and camp here, as it is peaceful and relatively quieter. This hiking trail offers you the whole package and really is picture perfect! It offers you plenty of opportunities to gaze at some splendid views of the turquoise lake, the valley, and the mountain peaks. Be sure to bring out your inner professional photographer at the Prow Lookout, as there are excellent photo opportunities there. Lastly, do not forget to carry a lot of water or water purification tablets, as you will be exposed to sunlight for the whole trail.


(Image by Selina Agbayani)

5) Rainbow Range 

This remarkable place gets its name from the colours of the volcanic rocks present on the range. This mountain range is located northwest of Anahim Lake. While this is a difficult hike, it is also very rewarding. Since the trail can be quite deserted, you may want to take a horse along with you for company. Regardless of whom you take with you, you will undoubtedly witness a little piece of paradise. Enjoy the awe-inspiring views of the meadows, the crystal-clear lake, and the waterfall. After your arduous journey, you have the choice to re-energize and eat at the camp there. Make sure to take bear spray and other precautions, as bears frequent this area.


This list gives you an opportunity to put on your hiking boots, experience pure bliss, and be one with nature without distractions. Now that we have provided you with fuel for your eyes and your spirit, we also have something exciting for your palate! Satisfy your appetite and spice up your hiking trip with Backcountry Wok’s Bibimbap. This dehydrated Asian meal ensures that you get the perfect combination of nutritious and delectable food. Similarly, we intend to take care of you and the environment simultaneously, so we’ve made sure that our meals come in compostable lightweight packaging. This is perfect for hiking light. Learn more about our delicious meals here: https://backcountrywok.com/collections/all

We would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Let us know about some exciting off the beaten path trails you have loved and about what is your go-to meal after an exhausting hike.






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