6 Canadian Snacks for your Backcountry Adventure

Some would say the best part of hiking season is the food, but we all know the feeling of eating the same bland meal or snacks on every hike. That's why we compiled our top 6 Canadian-made snacks to fuel your adventures.

1. Chiwis 

Women with hat on mountain facing ocean with green bag of chips in hand
Photo Credit: @Chiwis_snacks

Canadian Women-owned business that we love to support! These dried fruit chips are the ultimate snack; they pack a wicked crunch and bring together sweet and tangy. You'll have a hard time deciding with so many flavour options, from the classic kiwis to the tropical pineapple and coconut.

Not to mention they are probably the lightest snacks on the market!

2. Naak

Powered with cricket protein (yes, you heard that right!), these delicious bars offer 7 grams of protein. Cricket protein is not only nutritious but sustainable requiring fewer resources to produce the same amount of nutritional value.

This snack will give you the energy you need to finish strong coming into your campsite.

Person sitting on ground getting granola bar handed to them
Photo Credit: @naakbars

3. Squish 

Everyone needs a little pick me up on the trail, and these Canadian-made treats will do the trick. With everything from a classic gummy bear to Pina Colada flavour, you'll be left to question how much space you can let candy take up in your pack. 

Rainbow bag of candy in front purple flowers
Photo Credit: @Squishcandy

4. Handfuel 

These are not like your average bag of nuts; these flavorful mixes are crunchy and offer so many unique flavours. Our top pick is the iconic Everything Bagel Cashews - a twist on a classic.

Plus, nuts are a great source of fibre and healthy fats helping your body recover after a long day on the trail. 

Hand dumping nuts into a bag
Photo Credit: @Handfuel

5. Noble Jerky

We've got the perfect chewy, salty snack for all the plant-based folks: Jerky! Made from soy protein with natural seasonings, it's a big improvement over the gas station jerky you use to get on road trips.

Plus, it's such a shareable snack that will impress AND fuel your whole party.

Bag of fake beef jerky sitting on rocks with a mountain in background
Photo Credit:  @NobleJerky

6. Off The Path Provisions

Not so much a snack, but it's the perfect ending to a hard day of hiking! You can choose from three unique flavours that are sure to fill you up and get you ready for whatever adventures wait for you tomorrow.

A bonus is that each pouch has two servings and is possibly the easiest dinner you'll ever make - all you need is boiled water and someone to share!

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