Backcountry Wok wins Bootstrap Green Award


backcountry wok wins bootstrap awards

Backcountry Wok has been recognized as the 2020 Bootstrap Green Award Winner.

The annual Bootstrap Awards celebrates the Ottawa region’s start-up movers and shakers, and pay tribute to a legacy of self-funded entrepreneurs. The Awards are hosted by the Ottawa Network and Smart & Biggar. Our Green Award was sponsored by Algonquin College School of Business.


What is bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping is running a company without the help of external capital.


How we’ve bootstrapped

As you may know, we launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign last summer which raised 110% of our targeted goal within 30 days. Thanks to your support, we used the funds to purchase larger dehydrators and equipment. This helps us scale our production and expand our distribution of our camping meals.

We have also invested funds of our own to set our business up, including purchasing our initial dehydrators, product packaging and ingredients.


Why is bootstrapping important to us?

Especially in these early days of our start-up, we believe in bootstrapping to validate and test out our idea without investor pressures, maintain full control of our business and gives us a handle on our cash flow / allow us to scale at a manageable pace. Bootstrapping also gives us a sense of empowerment to know that we’ve build our business ourselves from the ground.


Why Backcountry Wok for the Bootstrap Green Award?

  1. Sustainable sourcing: We source locally and zero-waste from producers here in Ontario
  2. Eco-friendly packaging: We use 100% compostable packaging. Made of corn oil and tested to compost within 400 days.
  3. Greening our supply chain: This includes shipping in repurposed cardboard boxes and compostable mailers.


Read more about us in an article by the Ottawa Business Journal.

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