Eco-friendly and Sustainable Gift Ideas for your Outdoorsy Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day is a great day to shower the outdoorsy person in your life with affection, gifts and memorable experiences. This Valentine's Day make your gift extra special by shopping for conscious, ethical, and sustainable products that are also super functional for any outdoor adventures! We have curated a list of our top five eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable gift ideas. Have a look!

1. Tea

Tea is the perfect gift to ensure that your loved one is feeling warm and relaxed inside and out while they are sitting by a campfire in the backcountry. Our favourite pick were these all-natural, ethically sourced artisanal blends made by Tease Tea. They come in biodegradable tea bags and recycled packaging, which will help reduce waste in the outdoors. Tease Tea also has a Valentine’s Day collection with delectable flavours at great discounts.  

Picture of Tease Tea's Valentine's Day collection via teasetea.com

Sip on a warm cup of tea in the Outdoors

2. Phone Case

We are sure you spend lots of time and likes on those aesthetic Instagram pictures that your friends and family upload of their hiking expeditions. And we all know how invaluable our phones are when it comes to navigating in the outdoors in addition to clicking those photographs. This Valentine’s Day you can enable your loved ones to continue their outdoor adventures safely by gifting them a durable phone case so that their expensive and fragile smartphones remain undamaged. Pela Case offers the world’s first 100% compostable and eco-friendly cases that your special ones will totally appreciate!

Super cute durable and sustainable phone cases via Pelacase.com

3. Journal

It is always very satisfying when one has hiked up a challenging trail or has encountered a beautiful sunset after a long scramble. What better way to capture those memories and moments than journaling about it! Canadian companies like Ecopaper and Ecojot offer tree-free paper journals and 100% post-consumer recycled journals with designs made with vegetable ink. You can purchase their journals for your friends that love to doodle and write about their outdoor ventures.

 Love is in the air with these  journals at Ecojot.com

Journaling is super therapeutic in the outdoors!

4. Fair Trade Organic Chocolates 

Surprise your sweetheart with these delicious, organic, and fair trade chocolates! They can snack on them on the trails or it can also be a delicious reward to look forward to after an exhausting trek. Companies like Camino and Theo Chocolates have a Valentine’s Day collection that will land you a few delicious chocolates to indulge on while also allowing you to leave a positive impact. 

5. Eco-friendly Camping Meals

At Backcountry Wok, we produce dehydrated Asian meals for avid adventurers. By gifting our products, you are not only helping your tribe spice up their trip and avoid those unexciting trail food options, but you are also helping them generate less waste as our packaging is entirely compostable! Our favourite is the Wok Pack; it comes with four pouches of multicultural meals of your choice that are completely locally sourced. 

Take a look at our products for your next gift purchase!

Bibimbap (Korean Fried Rice)

The Original Fried Rice

Thai Green Curry

Don't forget to show yourself a little love this Valentine's Day too. Let us know below your thoughts on these gifts and other sustainable Valentine's Day gift ideas. We wish you a happy and sustainable Valentine’s Day!


Ruya Rangara

Marketing @ Backcountry Wok

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