Friends of Backcountry Wok: Lindsey Behnke

friends of backcountry wok - lindsey behnke

Our first Friends of Backcountry Wok feature is Lindsey Behnke from Our Greener Life. Lindsey is an outdoor educator (she just graduated from Outdoor Teachers College at Queens!) and she’s our zero-waste expert. #Ottawa friends, she will be at Nu Grocery this Sunday Sept 9 from 1-2 pm hosting a zero-waste outdoors workshop. See you all there!

1. What is your favourite hike? Canoe camping location? Overnighter?
Favourite hike (scramble) - Tower of Babel in Banff National Park. The views of Moraine Lake are breathtaking!
Favourite canoe trip - Grand Lake to Squirrel Rapids (Barron Canyon) in Algonquin Park, Ontario.
Favourite overnighter - Magog Lake in Assiniboine Provincial Park, the view is incredible from a little hike up to the Nubb Peak behind the campground.

2. What are your essentials for the outdoors?
Adventure essentials… definitely great snacks/food and even better company!

3. What is your most memorable outdoor adventure?
Most memorable outdoor adventure - This is a hard question to answer because each adventure is different and beautiful in its own way. If I had to pick one outdoor adventure it would have to be our 9 entire days exploring Iceland. We camped for half the trip and chased waterfalls all around the country. Between black sand beaches and seeing glaciers up close to whale watching in the arctic ocean and bathing in hot springs in the mountains, I don't know if I could pick one adventure out of this week of adventures.

4. What draws you to the outdoors?
Nature has been my happy place since before I remember. As a kid, I was fascinated by everything from turtles and snakes to chipmunks and deer and all the other creatures I would find while exploring outdoors. I can't help but be captivated and renewed by the views, smells and sounds of the outdoors. Realizing how complex and interconnected everything is in our environment amazes me. It’s the place I go to to clear my mind, find inspiration, and refocus on the things that are truly important in life. As Gary Snyder says, “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

5. What is the biggest zero-waste tip you have for people looking for more sustainable practices when they're in the outdoors?
If there is one zero waste tip I could share, it would be one that most people probably aren’t expecting. TIP: When it comes to gear, borrow or rent before you buy and if you are going to buy, invest in really good quality gear from sustainable companies (do your research) or buy second hand. Waste and environmental impacts begin upstream in the life of that item, before we even purchase it. Everything we buy has an impact on our planet and uses up resources, and when it comes to camping and hiking gear and apparel, most of what we buy is made of synthetic, petroleum/plastic-based materials. Most of what we buy was created without the end of life of that product in mind (linear cradle to grave design model). Most of what we buy for these activities also will become waste at some point because we currently cannot recycle things like tents, tarps, backpacks and rain gear.

Most of us only use camping gear a few times a year in Canada and then our stuff just takes up space in our houses. If you own camping gear, support the #SharingEconomy and consider renting it out to people in your community on an app like Ruckify. If you are looking to go camping but don’t own the gear, also consider renting from an app like Ruckify (a tree will be planted for every rental/transaction) and you will reduce your waste and carbon footprint at the same time.


Friends of Backcountry Wok is a blog and social media series that features some of our favourite outdoor adventurers. It started as a way to introduce our Backcountry Wok customers and share the reason that they love our dehydrated meals. We were soon inspired by the unique and personal connections that people had with nature. We wanted to share that with you.

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