Impact Report 2021: We move mountains together!

 As we close out 2021, we would like to share the impact that we achieved together this year!
If you've been following our journey, you may know that 2021 was a BIG year for us -- we said goodbye to Backcountry Wok and hello to Off The Path Provisions, we moved into a new facility and had our best sales year to date!
All while committed to our vision of inspiring sustainable, nutritious and inclusive adventures. Thank you for making this possible and for joining and supporting us in this adventure! #adventurebeginsoffthepath

eliminate plastic.

15000 plastic bags diverted

In 2021, we are proud to have diverted 15,000 plastic bags with our compostable alternative.
Our home compostable bags are made from corn. Our bags take on average 410 days to compost compared to plastic which takes up to 1000 years.

support local food systems.

1200 kg of local produce
In 2021, we are proud to source 1,200 kg of Canadian produce.
By sourcing local, in-season and without packaging, we are able to dehydrate our produce to extend shelf life and reduce food waste. All while supporting local farms.

carbon neutral.

carbon neutral shipping
In 2021, our packages travelled a total of 900,000 kms! While this is a huge win for Off The Path Provisions as we continue to inspire more sustainable, nutritious and inclusive adventures than ever before, these shipment produced about 540 kg of carbon emissions. We are excited to be 100% carbon neutral with our shipping emissions. Working with Offset, we were able to protect 5,100 km2 of forest in the Amazon Rainforest, which is equivalent to the area of 700 tree seedlings!

inspiring inclusive, sustainable and nutritious adventures.

5000 adventurers

In 2021, we are proud to inspire and fuel over 5000 adventurers.

A portion of profits from each bag sold helps fund outdoor education and sustainability workshops for youth. 

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