Top Five Scrambles with Stunning Views in British Columbia

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Scrambling is a sport somewhere between hiking and rock climbing. It can be done without the help of a rope depending on your abilities and skills. If you’re looking for adventure and spectacular views, there are many scrambles in British Columbia for you. Here are our top five picks:

1) Mount Hanover

Being very close to Vancouver, this is a popular pick. This hike and scramble make for a fun day trip and is of moderate difficulty. Your furry friends are welcome in this area and there is backcountry camping available at Mount Hanover if you wish to spend more time admiring the gorgeous views of Hanover Lake. While moderately difficult, note that there is one short stretch of difficult scrambling with a lot of exposure. Spectacular views of other mountains like Garibaldi and Brunswick awaits you once you reach the summit. 

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Views of Mount Hanover via vancouvertrails.com

2) Sky Pilot

Similar to Mount Hanover, the sea to sky gondola (reopening February 14, 2020) in Squamish and the close proximity to Vancouver make this one a popular scramble. This peak has pocket glaciers, a very craggy and rocky appearance which makes it look very different than other mountains present in this range. I would say this is a difficult scramble, as it is airy and exposed in many places. This expedition is a great way to de-stress and catch up with your loved ones while watching the beautiful sunset over the Tantalus range!

via Matt Gunn (coastbackcountry.com)

via Matt Gunn (coastbackcountry.com)

3) Ossa Mountain

This mountain lies in the Tantalus Range near Squamish and is usually attempted over the span of two days because of the extreme elevation gain as you start off close to sea level. There is a viewpoint here and you can camp near a glacier as well! However, there are some steep sections of moderate scrambling and some difficult exposed stretches. When you reach the summit, you will be treated to stunning views of Pelion, Tricouni, and others. Make sure to carry bug spray with you and since there are several water bodies along the way on this trail, you do not need to carry plenty of water with you as water purification tablets or water filters should suffice.

via Steve Song (stevesong.com)

via Steve Song (stevesong.com)

4) Mount Cook

This is located in the Whistler area and is a fantastic scramble for a beginner! You can start by going on a fairly easy 7km hike to Wedgemount Lake. Wedgemount Mountain is visible in the backdrop from this gorgeous lake. What makes Mount Cook interesting is that the route is straightforward and easy, but offers tremendous views of the lake and the surrounding peaks. Make sure to get that Instagram worthy picture while you are up there!

via Ryan.in.yaletown (forums.clubtread.com)

via Ryan.in.yaletown (forums.clubtread.com)

5) Cypress Peak

This peak is located near the Whistler area and is a moderate scramble with decent exposure. This makes a great, leisurely scrambling venture, as there are some breathtaking views that even pictures do not do justice. You get to gaze across valleys, scramble close to waterfalls, and descend glaciers. Since this is a short scramble, you can also choose to have a celebratory drink at the summit while admiring the numerous peaks visible from the top and still down climb to get back to your vehicle before sunset.  

via Matt Gunn (coastbackcountry.com)

via Matt Gunn (coastbackcountry.com)

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Note: These are some of our favourite scrambling picks and by no means a guide. We suggest you consult with a local expert in order to practice scrambling safely and within your capacity.

We would also love to hear about your favourite scrambles in the comments below, especially those unforgettable ones where you simply couldn’t believe your eyes.

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