The Ingredients Behind Our Thai Green Curry's Flavourful Punch

We’re ready to “pull the curtain back” and debunk the ingredients in Backcountry Wok’s best seller: Thai Green curry. This medium spiced recipe packs a punch of flavour, yet the coconut milk soothes the heat of the green chilis. Keep reading as we uncover exotic ingredients like galangal, and other key ingredients that give the Thai Green Curry the flavour you love!

Debunking the ingredients inside our Thai Green Curry

add hot water to thai green curry

White Rice


White rice is an excellent base for the curry as it absorbs all the flavours of the aromatic ingredients and is gluten free. Rice tends to be a staple in many of our favourite Asian dishes and when it came time to recipe development, our founder Melanie, instantly gravitated towards rice as her comfort food of choice for the backcountry. 



These orange root vegetables are known for their high quantities of vitamin A, which help your eyes, skin and immune system develop properly. Carrots also possess your daily dose of vitamin K which helps to prevent blood clotting, and are great sources of fibre. Plus, mixed within the curry they add a great crunch. 



Potatoes add a good hearty balance to our curry, and their subtle flavour pairs well alongside the other veggies in the mix. Plus, their fibre and carbohydrate content leave you feeling full and satisfied after the meal. You’ll find that the potatoes in our Thai Green Curry are dehydrated in cubes. Why? After hundreds of test runs, we found that this optimal size and shape allows this starchy root vegetable to rehydrate quickly while adding texture to your delicious curry recipe.

Organic Coconut Milk Powder

coconut milk powder

The magic ingredient behind the soothing yet flavourful punch that our curry packs! Adding organic coconut milk powder results in a creamy, super aromatic and flavourful blend! Plus coconut milk is a vegan alternative to regular milk, and tastes delicious. 



Another green addition to the “green” thai curry, and a superfood ingredient. Spinach leaves add a nice texture to the curry, while also packing in ample amounts of your daily doses of magnesium, calcium, iron, folate and more which keep your body healthy, skin and nails thriving, and may boost your immunity. This leafy vegetable is not only nutritious, but adds protein to the mix. 

Garlic and Shallots


Garlic and shallots are an integral part of the thai green curry and add to its flavourful profile. They are dehydrated separately from the Thai green curry paste so it creates an added level of flavour to the meal. Shallots are often confused by their rounder onions, but we prefer them for their sweet taste. 

Green chilis 

green chilli

Green chilis are the not so secret ingredient that heats up our Thai Green Curry, gives the curry its green colour, and the reason it packs a punch of flavour to your dish. It’s the staple ingredient of the Thai Green Curry as it adds spice to the dish. Beyond it’s spicy taste, the green chilis have also been known to speed up your metabolism, improve your skin tone due to their richness in vitamin C and beta-carotene, and are packed with antioxidants to nourish your body. 



Why add this tangy stiff grass to our curry? Well, this Native indian ingredient adds the citrusy taste that you know and love.Besides it’s extra punchy flavour, many boast about it’s known medical benefits to aid stomach troubles, fever and boost a low mood. 



A member of the rhizome family and often confused with ginger due to their similar appearance, yet galangal (bottom right in the above photo) and ginger have completely different flavour profiles. Galangal, often referred to as the Thai Ginger, Laos Root, or Siamese Ginger has a sharp citrusy taste, whereas ginger is fresh, pungent and a tad spicy. As galangal is from the ginger family, it also possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  

Kaffir lime leaves


Derived from South Asian and Vietnamese culture, kaffir lime leaves help add to the flavourful taste of the curry sauce. In our curry we grind the leaves into a paste. The kaffir lime leaves add a strong aroma (a strong citrus flavour), and are a notable ingredient in Thai Green Curry. 

Cumin Powder, Coriander Seeds, and Turmeric 


Cumin and turmeric are known for their anti inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, but they are also the main flavour profile of this dish. Without cumin and turmeric, there is no curry! Coriander seeds are different from the leaves of the plant, and also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley. The seeds add an earthy floral aroma to the curry, plus have been known to aid bowel movements and digestion

Ready to add some flavour into your diet with the flavour packed Thai Green Curry?

thai green curry backcountry wok

Ultimately our Thai Green Curry is nutritious, delicious and vegetarian-friendly. Spice up your next camping trip and order your next curry meal here. 

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