Our Story


How We Got Here

We are environmental scientists and avid adventurers. During our time in graduate school, whether for fieldwork or just for fun, we spent a lot of time in the outdoors. Trip after trip, we would leave the outdoors with garbage bags filled with food packaging.
Ironically, we were in the outdoors to enjoy nature, yet we were contributing to the waste.
Soon, we started researching and practicing more eco-friendly and zero-waste behaviours in the outdoors, starting with our food choices. 
We found that the camping foods available were packaged in plastic and aluminum waste, had little flavour variety and contained preservatives that we couldn’t pronounce.
We thought there had to be a better way.
In 2017, we started creating our own dehydrated meals that are eco-friendly, diverse and nutritious, and we started sharing our zero-waste tips with friends around the campfire. People love our food, sustainability tips and idea – and Backcountry Wok was born!
Are you ready to join the adventure and #wokonthewildside with us?


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Our Values

Our vision is to show that caring about nature can be for everyone. We work towards that vision by inspiring outdoor adventures that are sustainable, inclusive, and nutritious.

To us, sustainability means enabling people to experience the joys of the outdoors in a way that is low-impact, respectful, supportive of local food systems and ensures equal opportunities for future generations. 

To us, inclusivity means working towards an outdoor industry that is reflective of the diversity of people who are exploring the outdoors. 

To us, nutrition means fuelling your adventures with food that is good for you, inclusive of your dietary needs, and gets you excited at the end of a long day.


How Do We Accomplish This?

compostable meal icon1. 100% compostable camping meals: 
Backcountry Wok makes dehydrated Asian and vegan camping meals in 100% compostable bags. Just add hot water! Our meals are a force for environmental good with a portion of our profits from every bag going towards our educational workshops and adventures for youth + newcomers to Canada.


    zero waste workshop icon2. Local partnerships:
    We believe in supporting local food systems, operating a sustainable supply chain and building economic resilience. We are proud to source from 12 Ontario farms and create more local employment opportunities. We partner with local suppliers to reduce travel distances, source imperfect and seasonal produce, and dehydrate to reduce food waste.

    3. Outdoor education:

    We believe the outdoors should be accessible to everyone. That's why a portion of our profits supports Camp Backcountry Wok, our outdoor education program for youth. Through guided hikes and workshops, we work with outdoor educators equip youth with the tools and knowledge to explore sustainably.

    A Note From Our Founder

    picture of founder

     Captured by Ottawa Neighbours

    I am the unlikely founder of an outdoor company. Born in the city-state of Singapore, I grew up around towering high rise buildings, bustling shopping malls and scorching humid weather. Immigrating to Canada as a kid was quite the adjustment. We traded in skyscrapers for the Rocky Mountains, shopping malls for ski hills and tropical climate for -30C winters. The great outdoors was exciting and unknown. My parents wanted to give us the opportunity to explore but we were lost and didn't know where or how to start.

    Nearly twenty years later, I am a environmental scientist, scuba diver and hiking guide. I feel the most like myself when I'm standing on top of a mountain or sleeping under the stars. I am passionate about the environment, zero-waste living and of course, eating delicious food in the outdoors.

    The reason I have become the person I am today is because of the surreal experiences and connections I've had in the outdoors. Which is why starting and leading Backcountry Wok is something that is very close to my heart. I believe that collectively, we can have the most positive environmental impact by inspiring people to connect with nature in a sustainable way. Through food, through education, through experiences.

    Thanks for being part of this adventure.

    See you on the trails,

    Melanie Ang

    Founder of Backcountry Wok


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