Hi! I'm Melanie. I am a marine biologist turned food entrepreneur and the founder of Off The Path Provisions.

In 2017, one backpacking trip changed it all. Despite the postcard-worthy scenery, what stuck with me was the garbage bag of meal packaging we accumulated.

In addition, the camping meals were not nutritious and had little flavour diversity. With my background in sustainability and love for cooking, I knew this was a problem I could solve!

Today, Off The Path Provisions offers sustainable and healthy meals for people on the go - in nature, at work, or anywhere convenient food tends to be unhealthy, bland, and in single-use packaging, with a portion of profits funding outdoor education and sustainability programs for youth.

Follow us and say hi on our socials below. Building community and connection is one of my favourite parts of running Off The Path Provisions. 

Join us in inspiring sustainable, nutritous and inclusive adventures! #adventurebeginsoffthepath

plastic bags diverted
kg of local Canadian produce sourced
participants in our outdoor education and sustainability programs

Our vision

Our vision at Off The Path Provisions is to show that caring about nature can be for everyone. We work towards that vision by inspiring outdoor adventures that are sustainable, nutritious, and inclusive.

To us, sustainability means enabling people to experience the joys of the outdoors in a way that is low-impact, respectful, supportive of local food systems and ensures equal opportunities for future generations.

To us, nutrition means fuelling your adventures with dietitian-approved meals that are good for you, inclusive of your dietary needs, and gets you excited at the end of a long day. 

To us, inclusivity means working towards an outdoor industry that is reflective of the diversity of people who are exploring the outdoors.

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